The biggest lies we tell is often to ourselves.
We’re programmed to fear criticism and therefore, we rarely ask for feedback. When we do, we will send our stuff to a couple of friends, expecting a “It’s nice” or some shallow statement that will confirm the lie we repeated ourselves.

Always Ask For Honesty

When I send something over to a friend or partner for feedback, I choose wisely because I expect honesty. I don’t expect them to tell my what works. I expect my friend to tell me what is sketchy, what sucks. So I write them something like this:

“Hey buddy, I’ve been working on this for a while now and before I release, can you tell me if it works? Be honest.”

Then, to squeeze that constructive juice, I will narrow down the scope of what I’m looking for. Don’t simply ask What do you think about this? Ask specific questions such as:

  • What do you understand from my service offer?
  • What do you take away from this advertising script?
  • What did you learn reading this article?
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Back to the drawing board!

Also Always Give Honest Feedback

On the other hand, if someone asks you for comments on their latest work, of course they expect you to help them iterate. They don’t want you to be nice. They want you to destroy their castle to build a fancier one.

There you go! Does this blog post suck?